Life is not a destination stop but a longitudinal journey of precious seconds before the awakening of your own truth.

Timothy D. Wilson
Medal Winner

Passion for Humanity

Hello everyone!  I am global photographer, and world travel expert. I have been circling the globe capturing cultural context of humanity and earth through my lens. My art reflects the world with a unique texture and feel for composition. What I feel and see is displayed in my photography. With over 109 countries under my belt, I am simply fascinated with learning more about mankind and humanity.  I hope you will honor the journey by sharing what you learn just as I am doing with you.


Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

Benjamin Franklin

International Photography

I have always had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember.  My first camera I owned was a Minolta DSLR. That was many years ago.  From family reunions to college year books, there I was, clicking away at life.    

Pushing the envelope, I am expanding my work to include an upcoming television pilot featuring my travels, experiences and interaction with the local culture, landscape and natural environment of the people I meet along the way. My new travel series, Left Eye Right Finger (®) is almost ready for release so please take the opportunity to Pre-Order a copy for yourself or a gift for a friend, colleague or family member.  I am excited to share my adventures and love for photography with everyone who has an interest in learning more about humanity through photography.


LEFT EYE RIGHT FINGER (®) : Journey East Africa  has been nominated for the following category awards for book cover, photography and coffee table!  I'll keep you posted on the announcements of the winners in early 2023!


  • Eric Hoffer Awards 
  • NIEA Awards 
  • IPPY Awards 
  • Next Generation 
  • Forward Reviews  

Upcoming Photography Book Release

The wait is finally over.  On 17 October 2022 I released my first coffee table photography book, featuring over 100 of my favorite photos ready to view and purchase.

My self-publishing media house has released, Left Eye Right Finger®: Journey East Africa.   I am expanding my work to videos and an upcoming television pilot. The self-titled photography will also feature unreleased photos within my collection and are available for customized orders.  All prints are digital metal with a variety of frame sizes and mounts. 

Please pick up one and share with friends, family and colleagues.  It will be the perfect holiday gift!

Previous books in print

ProQuest. Nova Southeastern University.  Published

Four Stars: Conversations on Life, Success, Leadership, Mentorship, Culture, and Diversity (Through the Eyes of Eagles Literary Series) Hardcover, Published 2008.


• Photography Exhibitions

  • Joint Base Andrews AFB
  • Fort Belvoir / Fort Myers
  • Washington DC Book Tour


  • Director, Writer and Executive Producer

Favorite languages to study!

  • Italian and Spanish (Write/Read/Spoken)
  • Arabic
  • Romanian (Business level I)
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese (Mandurian)
  • Tagalog
  • Korean
  • French
  • German
  • Amharic
  • Turkish

Photography Organizations

  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • National Press Professional Photographers
  • Registered - Writers Guild of America West
  • Summit Series of Photography Workshops 2018