Frequently Asked Questions

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How to order customized photography

Please feel free to use our shopping cart.  Verify your invoice and method of payment prior to purchase.

All manual orders can be made by contacting the artist at 410-441-5035. 

Zoom, MS Teams or What's App should be used for clarification on custom orders.

How to measure Frame Orientation

The orientation is dictated by which measurement has the greater value, and the standard format for denoting size is always width first, then height, or WxH. For instance, frame with the measurements of 8″ X 10″– the first number being “Width” and the second being “Height”– is portrait.


How To Measure Your Art For Framing (And Get The Best Results)

Are refunds allowed for HD Premium Photography

At this time, refunds will be on a case by case bases for metallic photography.  Due to the complexity and nature of the printing press process, we ask that you coordinate your custom purchase with the artist to ensure your measurements are correct.  We will only refund for damages during printing and shipping.  We require documentation to support your claim.  Shipping will be at your expense. 

Ordering policy

Please utilize our convenient shopping cart to make your customized orders. 

If you have any challenges ordering electronically, please contact the artist directly to place your order on your behalf.

Call 410-441-5035.

Credit Card policy

Credit cards are welcome on the Pay Pal feature at any time.  Please review the acceptable credit card resources according to the e-commerce feature to ensure your purchase is accepted via the major credit card company.

Womens bundle products from Scafos

Our custom premium bundle products come directly from Copenhagen.  Shipping takes 7 - 10 days once your order is placed.  Some orders may take as long as 20 days due to the limited bulk orders.


Left Eye Right Finger is our signature product.  Our books, video, photography and additional media efforts will continue to expand and grow. 

If you would like your personalized product signed or customized, please contact the artist and discuss.