Photo Exhibitions

International photography on the go!

Timothy D. Wilson

Barrels of Port

Stored in iconic wine cellars, these old wooden barrels are ideal for giving the fortified port wines their unique texture and taste. Just outside the shores of the Douro River, the Port culture is captured in the houses of traditional families steeped in protecting the highest quality of wine from the Baixo Corgo (lower), Cima Corgo (higher), and the Douro Superior schistose rocks, which give the Port wine its uniqueness.

Timothy D. Wilson

Curious Cape Chacha

Photographed off the coast of South Africa.  Somewhere near the bottom of the African continent, I found myself face to face with this curious male looking over the horizon.  The Cape baboon can be intimidating and curious.  My experience the African baboon is to always guard my personal belongings.  They are very crafty and have been known to open doors and scavenge the insides of cars if left unattended.    

Timothy D. Wilson

Rabelo Near Vila Nova De Gaia

The Rabelo boat is the traditional Portuguese cargo boat that transported goods and people down from the Douro river high valley. Its flat design was necessary to navigate the shallow and fast-flowing waters down from the upper Douro. In Porto, these boats were the only means before modern transportation became more efficient.

Timothy D. Wilson

Lalibela Market

On the outskirts of Lalibela, Ethiopia’s 12th and 13th-century rock-cut churches, lie a bustling consumer market where daily products and produce are served to the local population. Here you can find everything a family needs.

Timothy D. Wilson

Fasil Ghebbi

Fasil Ghebbi fortress in Gondar, Ethiopia, is a sight to see. Here the Emperor Fasilides founded a home for future Ethiopian emperors beginning in the 17th Century.

Timothy D. Wilson

Estacao de Trem

All aboard! Just in time to catch a local train back to Lisbon from Porto Portugals central Stazione. Here the peaceful order of on-time activity before the conductor gives the signal to depart.

Timothy D. Wilson

The changing landscape of Antarctica

Despite popular belief, many have traversed the continent down below. When the ice freezes over and you abandon the ship, it gets frozen in time. Untouched and picture-perfect!

A must see in one's lifetime.