Left Eye Right Finger® Video Series


A Fresh Pulse of Traveling

I am a passionate world traveler, and photographer.  As the director, writer, cameraman and producer of the LEFT EYE RIGHT FINGER ® video series, I want to be sure I am giving you the best product possible.  Paradigm 3i Solutions Media is my small company that will ensure we explore and deliver the sights and sounds as I venture internationally.  Come along for the ride and send me comments and questions about places I have seen and visited.  Its a big world out there, and it is always a pleasure knowing that there are curious minds who are enjoying the views. 

Travel gives me life!

Left Eye Right Finger® the global travel series comes with my penned name, Dweylan Phillips. My self-publishing media house has been in the works for over seven years. Having traveled internationally to over 100 countries, states, territories, and municipalities, I share my unique adventures through this breathtaking global program with the world.  I have always been a fan of a good well bounded Atlas or globe.  That joy of the big blue marble has turned my passion in to a lifetime of experiences money just cannot buy!

Local Cultures

From orphans in Romania to UNICEF immigrant camps in Djibouti, Africa, this travel series is set wherever I find humanity, bringing a sense of humanity to life on the screen.

It illuminates the local cultures and life of the people taking the viewer on for a wild ride of piloting aircraft, running on and off trails, diving with sharks and whales, as well as an occasional octopus or Manta Ray.  If there is wildlife involved, count me in!

Capturing the True Essense

I believe that the earth needs to breathe fresh air from human’s over-exuberance for profit. My photography and film capture the way of the people, the landscape and openly show the struggles of the immigrants and orphans. By the end of the video, you will be waiting to see where my next adventure will take you.

A True Renaissance

I am unique, eclectic, and live on the edge of an extreme renaissance. My life is the storybook for every vagabond who is not wasting time sitting on the couch. I love people, children, families, and those in the Wanderlust as well.

I have an eye for the globe, and my finger knows the shutter speed to capture it frame by frame. On my way to traveling to every country, you will go on a beautiful journey circling the globe connecting the cultures of seven billion people on earth through my lens.

Variety is the spice that gives life!

I am a commercial pilot, triathlete, master scuba diver, wine specialist, and livin’ la Vida Loca. Whether diving with Bull Sharks in French Polynesia, flying helicopters and hot air balloons over the Grand Canyon desert plains, wine tasting in the Argentine, Chilean Andes Mountains, or swimming shirtless in the fridge waters of Antarctica, count me in. But, I want to take you with me.


Be a Part of My Journey